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Raven MPV

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With a 46” mowing deck and a top mowing speed of 6mph, you’ll be able to tackle the yard in record time. And, thanks to a 14” turning radius, navigating around trees, rocks and other obstacles has never been easier. When maneuvering isn’t required, turn on cruise control and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to the on-board 7100 watt generator that’s powered by a 420cc engine, you can bring power wherever you need it. Whether it’s for electric tools, small appliances, spot lights or even a TV at the hunting site, power has never been more portable.

By removing the mowing deck the Raven MPV transforms into a multi-purpose vehicle, capable of pulling up to 550lbs and reaching speeds of up to 17mph! Whether you want to roll into the woods quietly in electric mode or motor out with a trailer full of timber, the Raven MPV will become your most trusted and useful tool of choice.